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MARCH 20, 2020

The Learning Center is here to help!

The Virtual Tutoring Schedule is now available.

The Learning Center has gone virtual!  New options that will be offered soon include:


Tutor profiles indicate how they can communicate with you. Select the mode you wish to use if you are given a choice. Not all subjects are offered in all formats.

eTutoring: Attach the paper you want the tutor to look at, along with the directions for the assignment, when you make your appointment. You need to at least start the assignment so the tutor can see your work.  The tutor will add comments and attach it to the appointment by the end of the appointment time.

Online Tutoring:  At the appointment time, open the appointment and click Start or Join Online Consultation.  If you and the tutor both have a camera and microphone, you will be able to see and talk to each other and use the chat pane and shared white board.  If you or the tutor do not have a camera, you will communicate using the chat pane and the shared white board.  These sessions are recorded.  You can go back and replay anything that appears on the screen; video and audio are not recorded.

Students registered with OAR:

If one of these methods of tutoring does not meet your needs, please contact the OAR office and we will work with them to try to find a way to help you.

The Learning Center staff will be working to help you make appointments and navigate our new systems.  Please be patient if the phone is busy or it takes a while to respond to your email.  Our goal is to help everyone in the way they need, and that may take more time than usual as we are all learning how to use these new systems.

Questions? Email us at

Click on the link to see the Learning Center's Policies.

 Students are not permitted to have back-to-back appointments with the same tutor for the same subject. Students are limited to two appointments per week for a course.

All members of the same group appointment must share the same focus. This means, when students meet as a group with a tutor who tutors multiple subjects, students in one group are meeting about the same topic or course.

Please remember your Lazer Card ID so you can sign into our systems.

 The Learning Center sends a survey to your OCC email address after your appointment.   Check your OCC email after your tutoring session, workshop, or study group to tell us how it went and vote for Tutor of the Month.

Having trouble logging in? Enter your email address below and then click "Reset Password." The system will immediately email you with instructions for changing your password. If you do not receive that email in a few minutes, please check your spam filter.

Receiving unwanted text messages from this system? This system can send appointment reminder and waiting list notifications via text message, but only if a cell phone number and carrier is entered by a client when creating or updating an account on the system.

If you have an account on the system, log in to edit your profile and modify your cell phone preferences. If you do not have an account on this system, it's possible that your cell phone number was entered accidentally. Fill out the form below to remove your number immediately.